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To The NOAA Deep-Sea Coral
Data Portal

This website provides access to deep-sea coral and sponge data, images, and technical reports from research funded by NOAA’s Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program and its partners.

The Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program’s mission is to provide scientific information needed to conserve and manage deep-sea coral and sponge ecosystems. The program supports new research and curates existing information into a comprehensive deep-sea coral resource. Learn about the program.


Digital Map

Data Search, Discovery & Access

The DSCRTP map allows for search, discovery, and download of the National Deep-Sea Corals and Sponges Database. All points are categorized and colored by common vernacular categories. Users can search by taxon, region, time, and depth. Data downloads can be initiated using the search parameters on the map and the on-screen geographic extent.

Information Access

Users can also view site characterization reports for DSCRTP funded research. These reports give habitat summaries of specific under-sea areas and summarize the dives on the area.